About StrikeStar (and how to join)


What is StrikeStar?

StrikeStar is lightning detection network intended for users that already have or plan to obtain the NexStorm software and a Boltek lightning detector. StrikeStar enables standalone lightning detectors to form a real-time lightning locator network which improves positional accuracy of detected lightning strikes.

StrikeStar Europe is a public, large scale and community based lightning detection network that we have made available as an added-value program for users of our NexStorm software.


Who develops StrikeStar?

StrikeStar is developed by Astrogenic Systems. We specialize in software for single point lightning detection and affordable, lightning-centric early warning and analysis systems. Visit our web site for more information.

How can I join the StrikeStar network?

First you need a Boltek lightning detector and the NexStorm software installed and running. NexStorm Lite will not work as it lacks capability to share lightning data with other applications. Your NexStorm serial number must also be registered. If you haven't already you can register here: http://astrogenic.com/nexregister.php

Next, you must contact us and provide some details about your location and system setup so that we can add your lightning detector site to the central processing server database. After this is done you will receive an add-on software that you must run on your NexStorm/Boltek PC. The add-on software called StrikeLink will send your detector's lightning data in real-time to our central processing server.

If you wish to join please use the contact form and provide the following information:

  •     NexStorm serial number
  •     Location name
  •     Location latitude and longitude - This must be in Degrees Decimal format, convert here if necessary

Who can join?

Everyone with a Boltek detector and the full, registered version of our NexStorm software. Some things to think about before applying:

-In the best interest of all participants in the network we prefer if your system is online and sending lightning data 24/7/365.

-Your site should be located within a 400 km radius of another site. While not a hard requirement, for any lightning to be detected by the network there must be at least two stations within reasonable detection range of each other.


How much does it cost to join?

It costs exactly 1 Galactic Credit. If you can't afford this we'll let you join free of charge :)